Please bring with you:

    • any outstanding paperwork (may be in a blue NW FL Surgery Center folder)
    • eyeglass or contact case
    • denture cup (if applicable)
    • crutches, walker TED hose, or wheelchair (if applicable)
    • loose and comfortable clothes

Please bathe or shower before coming to the Surgery Center. Do not use lotions or oil after bathing. Remove all make-up, nail polish, or hairpieces. Please leave all jewelry at home.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a sweat suit, an easy to button shirt, blouse, or elastic waist shorts or pants. They need to be loose enough to cover a large bandage, cast, or sling. Leave all valuables at home. The Surgery Center cannot be held responsible for damage or loss if valuables are brought with you.

A nurse will give you a gown to change into. You will be given a garment bad to store your clothing before you are escorted to the operating room. We will also check your temperature, blood pressure and pulse, and ask you to empty your bladder before surgery.

If you have not signed a consent form for your operation, you will be asked to do so. If the patient is under 18, the parent or legal guardian must accompany the child and sign the consent form.

Your family or friend will be asked to wait in the front lobby until you have been prepared for surgery. One adult may stay with you in the pre-op holding area until you are escorted to the operating suite. They will be able to rejoin you as soon as you awaken. Confirm your transportation arrangements! You cannot drive yourself home or be left alone.

NOTE: Please remember, if you are receiving straight local anesthesia, you may drive yourself home after you are fully recovered from your procedure (30 minutes or longer).


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